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Your experiment blood sugar chart to use

If you need an accurate blood sugar chart you will need to talk to your personal doctor. A blood sugar chart is your best companion, whether you are type 1 or type 2 diabetic. For type 1 people blood sugar chart just might be a little more essential as they need to control the blood sugar all the time. With type 2 things are a little bit easier, but not easy of course.

Blood sugar chart

Below you can find an accurate blood sugar chart that will come in handy for most users. It shows glucose levels that are expected. This blood sugar chart is valid for 2014 and onwards, until new values will be introduced. By for now you should stick to these values.

blood sugar chart
blood sugar chart

A value from 4 – 6 mmol/L is considered normal. All values under 4 mmol/L might indicate problems as this is considered a low blood sugar level. Levels above 6 might indicate diabetes. Such value is considered high BS. These are all fasting blood sugar levels.

What to do if levels drop too low?

If your glucose levels drop too low (for example 3.5 mmol/L or lower) symptoms might start appearing. These includes dizziness and disorientation. In such case it is advised to eat something containing simple sugars. If levels drop too low (below 3 mmol/L) you need to seek medical attention as severe symptoms might appear. It is advised that you measure you levels several times per day and compare results to blood sugar chart. This way you will always know in which zone you are at the moment.

What is the levels are too high?

If your blood sugar levels go too high and you read from your blood sugar chart that this might indicate problems (levels above 6 mmol/L are not necessarily bad – for example after fasting your levels will spike). In such case you need to inject insulin or act fast to lower your blood sugar levels. In any case pay close attention to consult a blood sugar chart to see on which scale you are right now. Blood sugar chart will provide threshold values and should be in your pocket (or installed on your phone as an application) at all times. Only this way you will be able to stay in control of your glucose levels.

Where to get an accurate blood sugar chart?

You can ask your doctor to provide you with most accurate chart. It is important to know that there is a difference in between metric blood sugar chart and imperial blood sugar chart. Both will have different version. Metric is express in mmol/L whereas imperial is express in mg/dl. Both values represent the same thing, but they are in different units.


If you are type 1 or type 2 diabetic you will need your blood sugar chart at hand. Please keep in mind that the values might differ, but you can always use a blood sugar converter to convert values. There is also one other measure for expressing blood sugar values and this is the so called a1c value. You can read more about a1c in this article. Keep your blood sugar chart close and your finger prick tester closer.


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