How to select the right mattress and when it is time for a new one?


Don’t worry too much. But don’t take the mattress buying decision very lightly too. After all you are going to spend a third of your life on it.

Whatever mattress you buy, whether good or bad, the effects are not immediate. An average persons body gets to the mattress and the adverse impact of an improper mattress begins to show on the body over a period of time.

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To be sure that you are buying the right mattresses at the right time just follow this checklist.

How can I tell if I need a new mattress?

Trust your body. If you wake with little aches and pains, it is usually a good indication that your body isn’t getting the required rest and support it needs throughout the night. This may be either due to the fact that you are sleeping on a wrong kind of mattress or that your mattress is getting old.

How do I find the most comfortable mattress?

Check out and test as many as you can. Several options are available in the market – Latex Foam, Polyurethane Rubberized Choir, Spring etc. – each with its own properties (to know more about the comparative features click here Mattress Comparison) Compare the different levels of Comfort & Support and find one that is the most comfortable to you.

How do I test a mattress?

You can’t judge a bed by sitting on the edge alone. Take a Rest Test. Lie down for a few minutes and allow enough time for the body to sink into the mattress and see what happens to the comfort of the mattress after the initial feeling is gone. Take your partner along.

Make sure the mattress supports you both, without rolling toward the center of the mattress.

What should the mattress feel like?

Choose the mattress for the comfort feel. Different people prefer different levels of firmness. There is no right or wrong feel and the comfort levels vary from person to person.

The basic fundamental is that the mattress should be firm soft enough to adapt to your body contours and at the same time firm enough to support the heavier portions of the body like hips and shoulder. In other word the mattress should distribute weight evenly and gently support your spine to keep it in the same shape as that of a person with good standing posture.

Will the new mattress fit into my home?

Buy mattress that can be transported easily and also stored without losing their rigidity and firmness.

What about maintenance?

Once you purchase get your mattress home, rotate it on a regular basis and so weight is evenly distributed. Buy a mattress that can be used reversibly. This increases the natural life of the product. Use a good mattress cover to prevent soiling. Do no wash the mattress not expose them to sun. Use vacuum cleaners regularly to ensure that the mattress remains clean and hygienic.

How long will my mattresses last?

A good mattress should last eight to ten years.

How much should I pay for a new mattress? A good night’s sleep is one of the best investments you can make so buy the best mattress you can afford. And we repeat – don’t take the mattress buying decision hastily.