A Sample Diabetes Diet and How Can it Help?


Unlike type 1 diabetes which is an auto-immune disease, if caught early, fortunately for type-2 diabetics, diet therapy can help treat the disease and even normalize blood sugar levels.

In fact, type 2 diabetes is diagnosed to people who are typically overweight and have a family history of diabetes and those who live an inactive lifestyle. See blood sugar levels chart for more info.

So, for those who go on a diabetic diet plan, patients can eventually normalize functions in their body. But before dieting, make sure you contact your physician or dietitian to get some input and ideas and perhaps being put on a diet plan.

Adjusting the diet may be hard

The reality is that there are some people who are type 2 diabetics that have a hard time adjusting and changing their lifestyle.

Sugar should be off menu. Luckily, there are alternatives, such as Stevia sweetener, which may be consumed normally. Image source: pexels.com

It takes a disciplined person willing to accept and take on any diet, healthy or diabetic and like any diets, one must commit to it on a daily basis. So, a diabetes diet therapy must be strictly followed. That is to keep insulin levels down, losing weight, normalizing blood sugar and to do your best so stay with the plan.

Diet therapy for diabetics is literally a strict lacto-vegetarian and low-fat, natural foods. This means wholegrain, fruits, nuts, vegetables and dairy products. By staying with this plan, raw foods can help stimulate the pancreas and increase insulin production.