Public Opinion On Medical Marijuana


The laws concerning medical cannabis differ from state to state. For instance, the quantity of marijuana an individual is permitted to have varies from one ounce to 24 ounces. The fee to obtain a medical marijuana ID card varies from state to state too –  $25 – $200.  The majority of states require evidence of residency for an individual to be eligible for a a medical cannabis prescription, while various other states acknowledge registry ID cards from any state.

Various states that have legalized medical cannabis have obtained letters from the U.S. Attorney General’s office saying that regardless of state laws, the federal government continue to view the growth, distribution, or obtaining marijuana to be a federal crime. In some cases, the Department of Justice has raided cannabis dispensaries of state-sanctioned medical cannabis, as the IRS and other federal agencies have focused banks and landlords that do business with them. The difference between state and federal laws will likely be played out in the courtroom in the future years.

The end result of future proceedings could be influenced by public opinion, which happens to be changing. Latest polls show that about 83% of US citizens are for of permitting doctors to prescribe medical marijuana for individuals struggling with serious illnesses, up from just 62% in 1997. But resistance to the drug continues to be strong.

Most significant criticisms of medical marijuana is due to an intended perception that the drug is applied through (just) smoking. Decades of the usual understanding have brought individuals to think that “smoking pot” is taboo – in addition to smoking, regardless of the substance, has been shown to be unsafe. Nevertheless, medical marijuana is usually used by patients in various ways, which includes  pills, inhalers, and even edible cooked goods. These method of dispensation are actually healthier and often more beneficial in reducing patients’ discomfort or pain.