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Diabetes story

An old page. Redirecting to homepage. A short story on diabetes and fighting of this disease. Read more information on diabetes on our page. /2011/06/gingers-story-you-can-do-this/

High blood sugar levels

High blood sugar (diabetes) cause a number of pathological changes in the body, especially it affects vascular wall of small and large arteries (diabetic...

Diabetes type 1

3 major types of diabetes exists. Type 1, type 2 and gestational diabetes. Type 2 is the most common form of diabetes, gestational diabetes...

Sweatbetes video pack

Downloadable materials Here you can find a detailed list of downloadable material. List will be updated as we update this website.

Blood sugar levels chart

Blood sugar levels chart for diabetics If you are measuring your blood sugar often than you will need a blood sugar levels chart. Blood sugar...

Dreaming of a cure for diabetes

Is there a cure for diabetes? The sad answer, for now, is NO - there is no current cure for diabetes. Since beta cells get...

Emotional eating with diabetes

Eating with diabetes All about diets and diabetic lifestyle.