How to Improve your figure


Many people are overweight and most of them are out of proportion. They carry excess fat due to overeating or wrong choice of food and lack of adequate regular exercise.

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Medical research indicates that people who are overweight tend to have shorter life span and often suffer from health problems.

These people can normalize their weight safely and permanently by following the natural laws which nutritional research has proven medically sound.

Avoid all crash dieting and fat reducing therapies. Never try to lose more than a few pounds every week. Normal weight reduction over an extended periods is safe. Starving the cells of essential nourishment is not safe reducing. This applies both to men and women.

Most doctors regard an overweight person as ill. Do remember that strain like traveling or working in office is not an exercise. Any weight reducing therapy involves a correction of diet and adoption of appropriate exercise. Because one without the other is never effective.

Exercise Tips for figure improvement

  • Perform each exercise one after another without any pause. This helps in the stimulation of blood circulation which will induce rapid result.
  • Do not exercise in a cool room. The temperature of the room should be at least 74degree F.
  • Breathe normally and fully. While exercising breathe in as much air as you can.
  • While exercising concentrate on exercise only, it yields good results.
  • Do not rush through the exercises. Take each one slowly. Control each movement as it can strain your muscles. Always be graceful.
  • Start with eight repetitions of each exercise unless stated otherwise in the text. Gradually, if you can, add some more.
  • Concentrate on the movements and muscles involved. This is the key to figure-shaping and improvement.
  • If you feel a little stiff after the exercises, it is good. It means your muscles are being worked up and you are benefiting from the exercise.The stiffness will disappear after a few days.
  • Be patient with your exercise routine. Wait for at least 30 days to see worthwhile results.