Exercise Or Doing Something Physical To Normalize Your Blood Pressure


There are 2 primary ways you can deal with your high or abnormal blood pressures, and both of these are very natural and do not require taking extra medication or pharmaceutical drugs beyond what you may or may not be taking right now.

The 2 ways are adjusting your lifestyle/physical activities and dietary changes or eating habits. Let’s talk about some simple and easy lifestyle changes you can do. Exercises of at least 30 minutes a day are good.

Exercise and stretching; image source: pexels.com

Do sports

This can include but not limited to running, jogging, or any kind of aerobic exercise that will strengthen your heart directly through any cardiovascular activity. If you want to perform simple and easy cardio exercises without damaging your bone joints, I highly recommend you do cycling or biking.

Gym or stationary bike?

Many gyms and online retailers sell or provide stationary bikes that are perfect for working your heart healthily while you can watch TV or a movie. Lifting weights is also great for your body as you can encourage growth of body muscle, lose body fat, and if you’re overweight or obese, lose a lot pounds.

With less fat and toxins in your body, your heart will not have to work as hard to pump blood through your arteries, which is why your blood pressure is so high. Heart attacks occur when the heart finally gives in and “explodes” from exhaustion and over-use over a sustained and compounded period of time.

Reduce body weight

By reducing your weight, body fat, and strengthening your muscles and heart, you are going to make your blood vessel system much stronger, perform a larger load in your body (blood flow becomes stronger) and make it a lot easier for blood to flow through your blood vessels. When blood easily flows, the heart can relax more and pump blood without over exerting itself.