What is Diabetes Coaching


Diabetes coaching is coaching a person with diabetes. When illness is diagnosed many people lose their minds and don’t know how to accept the new reality – in such case diabetes coaching is a good option for them.

A lot of people is diagnosed every day and many need guidance. Diabetes couching is the smart decision.

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Diabetes coaching

Are you looking on this web page to help someone about whom you care? Perhaps yourself? Are you wondering what questions to ask your doctor? Are you trying to understand what the doctor told you? Are you trying to figure out how concerned you really should be about those lab results? The following paragraphs will tell you only part of what you need to know. The numbers only tell part of the story. The rest of the story is one that you or your friend need to understand in order to control your health and your life.

Diabetes is a complicated, complex disorder that you will be in charge of most of the time. Your doctor or other health care provider will be involved in about 2 – 5% of your diabetes care. The rest of it is up to YOU!

Think about it. Would you put yourself in the hands of a doctor who was going to be in charge of your health 95 – 98% of the time knowing that that doctor had only a beginning knowledge (at best) of your disorder? No? You or your friend will be in charge of his/her own diabetes care 95-98% of the time.

Optimum Self-care

Knowing as much as possible about diabetes care is the very best way to ensure optimum self-care. A Certified Diabetes Educator is prepared to teach you/your friend what s/he needs to know to be in complete control of his/her own health and to stay well…and functioning for a long, healthy life. Your Diabetes Coach is a Certified Diabetes Educator with 10+ years of experience.



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