Blood pressure calculator and should you use one?


This will be a quick post on blood pressure and blood pressure calculator. Such tool is essential for all those who suffer from problems related to this medical condition.

Measuring your blood pressure and assessing your numbers. Image source:

As it is well know blood pressure is an important indicator of your overall health. If the levels are high or low or abnormal in any way, it is time to act. To mitigate abnormal levels you will need to do adjust your lifestyle, perhaps change your diet, quit bad habits or, in case of severe blood pressure issues, start using drugs.

Blood pressure calculator

By using a well-calibrated blood pressure meter you can obtain your numbers almost immediately. What to do with results? Assess them using a blood pressure chart, or simply enter them into a blood pressure calculator (for example this one). The tool will tell you whether the numbers you just measured are low, normal or high. Based on this data you can act accordingly.

As a rule of thumb you should aim for 120/80 mmHg or less.