When Boredom Leads to Depression


Can boredom make you depressed? We encounter this question from our friends, peers and family.

If you go around telling people on Facebook that you are bored, stop and think if indeed you are bored or already depressed. Some psychologists think that sometimes the boredom that we feel is already depression and the depressed state that we are in is caused by boredom.

Depression; image source: pexels.com

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Boredom is the emotional state when a person is left with angst and nothing to do. Bored people often are uninterested on the things that surround them. This lack of interest can often lead to depression.

How exactly does it happen?

Here are some insights on how your boredom can lead you to be depressed.

It all starts with boredom

Psychologist CD Fisher defined boredom as a process that happens psychologically which results in an unpleasant, unattractive or least interesting state of mind. Sometimes, boredom is defined as a modest challenge to a person that cannot get over an event even if the person has enough ways or skill to overcome the challenge.

All kinds of boredom are founded on lack of attention and engagement. A person who is bored is often detached and unable to engage in an event or the world has become dull and lacking in stimulation for him.

Sleep can be deadly

When people are bored they often want to extend their sleeping hours. It is obvious that people that sleep a lot are usually those escaping boredom. They have nothing to do so they sleep a lot. It makes sense for people to kill time when they sleep their boredom away. Sleep has been generally described by nihilists as the rehearsal for death.

The unbearable state of having no interest in the world can manifest in the individual’s insatiable quest to sleep in order to escape the non-interesting world. Bored people attempt to unplug themselves from the rest of the world because there is nothing to do and nothing interesting is happening. Thus sleep can be deadly because it kills the time and opportunity to the bored individual to make sense of the world.

Anxiety is crucial

Anxiety is crucial in converting boredom into depression. We all know that showing symptoms of anxiety can lead to worsening mental health which may cause depression. Boredom is often being tagged when people are anxious to go away from their comfort zone. Often people would rationalize their anxiety to go outside the box because they find it uninteresting and thus boring. They fail to recognize that they actually are not bored but fearful and worried that they will not do well and fail because they are outside.

Distress in seeing reality

Often a person that is taken aback from doing things is actually in distress. Bored people are confronted by the coldness and uncertainty of reality. This often causes great emotional distress which can lead to impacted mental states and even driving them to commit suicide and other forms of deprivation. People that are scared about reality get this idea from their inability to make sense of the world and having disinterested thoughts by turning towards negativity.

The pursuit of contentment

The difference between the ancient man and the modern man lies on their ability to define contentment and its pursuit. Ancient men are easily contented and thus can easily feel good about their selves. Modern men, on the other hand, have complex needs which often are not actualized thus causing them to be uninterested to go beyond the boundaries with their apprehensions that they could further fail. This can lead to depression when the lack of interest is not addressed properly.

Self-motivation is the key

Confidence gets boosted when people get things actualized. But nothing can be done when there is nothing that moves it. Self-motivation is important because it drives away boredom by making sense of the world. If people realize that living is a constant challenge, boredom would not exist. It takes courage to realize that boredom exist when people choose to live in a vacuum not realizing their potential and not addressing their worries both mentally and physically.

People will no longer be bored if they would be brave enough to go out from their shells and take on the challenges. At the same time there should be an effort to fix the worries and alleviate the anxiety symptoms before it comes too late and lead to serious depression. If you or your loved ones is suffering from boredom or depression, it would be best to find ways to encourage him to look for interesting past time activities.

There are plenty of things that one can do in order to break the cycle of boredom and depression. Engaging in sports, reading a good book, volunteering to social charity groups or join friends in backpacking adventure are just some of the things that one can do to beat boredom. What is most important is that you cease to be solitary in your own house and take steps outside to find joy and fulfillment.