Blood sugar levels chart


Blood sugar levels chart for diabetics

If you are measuring your blood sugar often than you will need a blood sugar levels chart. Blood sugar levels chart is very handy when you need to evaluate your results, immediately after the measurements. To obtain an accurate blood sugar levels chart you must consult with your personal doctor. Every country uses slightly different values and what might be considered normal in Canada will not be considered in Germany (this is just an example).

How to use a blood sugar levels chart?

The use is simple. You need to take your measurement and write the number on a piece of paper. After that you pick this same number and evaluate it versus a blood sugar levels chart. If the numbers are above a certain amount this might represent a high blood sugar level. If your number is below a certain threshold, your might be experiencing low blood sugar levels. In any case if you are unsure of what the numbers should be please talk to your personal doctor.

blood sugar levels chart
blood sugar levels chart

On above image you can see which levels are considered normal, low and high for most of the people. Here’s a story of a patient who utilized a blood sugar levels chart properly.

Due to my feet being exceptionally sore, I decided I should check my blood sugars. After all, dinner this evening had been pizza and I was about due the other half of my insulin…and this was the result:

A Blood Glucose level of 20.0mmol/L (360 mg/dL) was what greeted me. No wonder my feet had decided to kick up a stink. No wonder I had been snarky and irritable most of the evening. Thankfully my Optium Xceed told me ketones were at 0.0. I’ve just done a correction of 6 units and will keep an eye. Bear in mind, I only took 8u before eating dinner and I was about due the other 8; but advice was to just correct the 20.0 and check every half an hour to an hour, and keep chugging the water. Bets on when ketones will show up? I was happy to had a blood sugar levels chart on me so I could asses the numbers.

Even if your alone, make sure you have blood sugar levels chart on you

Diabetes can be a very lonely disease at times, especially when it seems as if you’re the only one out there with it. You can go out and never see another human being checking their blood sugars or giving their injection. And more so, you can go out and have to do these things yourself and then receive funny looks in return. This is why I am so grateful for the diabetes online community. It was just last year when I found myself looking for something online to help me come out of my rebellion. Now I always have blood sugar levels chart on me so there can be no more surprise blood sugar spikes on me. I have it in my pocket and use it when needed.

I sometimes lend it to my colleges or friend who needs it too. I also suggest you take your blood sugar levels chart with you so you will avoid trouble before it becomes real.

Reviewed: 2015/09/30



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