6 of the Best Cancer-Fighting Foods


If only cancer fighting is as simple as a trip to the grocery store would that be dandy? In fact it can because there are foods that have shown great ability to prevent or reduce risk of certain cancers.

Wait, what?

Yes! You don’t need to really look far than your own pantry to seek the best of what nature could offer in terms of cancer-fighting. And mind you these are not out-of-this-world, out-of-reach kinds of foods. These are average food stuff that goes into your grocery list each week.
If you want to know what are these Cancer-Fighting Foods, read on for a better and healthier you.


Broccoli together with other vegetables like cabbage and cauliflower has this strange chemical that is helpful in the fight to prevent cancer. The chemical is indole 3-carbinol which is a mouthful but strangely effective. Broccoli especially the sprouts also have the phytochemical sulforaphane which when combined to other chemicals are believed to be able to stop and lower the risk of colon and rectal cancer.

Brocoli; image source: pexels.com

Sulforaphane has been known to interact with some enzymes that deactivate free radicals and even defeat carcinogens which by the way are suspected to be the originator of cancers. It appears to be that the more bitter the broccoli is the more effective it becomes against cancer. Yummy! Now develop your convincing skills so can coax your children to enjoy a bitter broccoli.


Sure you have heard about beta-carotine, right? If you do then you will be surprised that carrots do have a lot of beta-carotine in store. Beta-carotine is known to lower the risk of a wide range of cancers from mouth, breast, intestine, bladder, throat and prostate. Just be reminded that there is a danger in eating 2 to 3 kilograms of carrot per day. And we’re sure that you will not be eating that much.

Falcarinol is also found in carrots which have been proven to lower the risk of certain cancers. Cancer cells are found to grow slowly in culture that has falcarinol. The best way to get this chemical is to eat the carrots raw.


Lycopene is another fancy term that has been advertised together with the pitch for ketchup and spaghetti sauce. The science behind lycopene is legit and it is one of the best cancer-fighting chemicals out there. Heated or processed tomatoes are known to be the best dietary sources of lycopene.

Tomatoes; image source: pexels.com

The right amounts of lycopene in your diet can significantly lower your risk of having endomentrial, lung, prostate and some stomach cancers. Yes, getting your lycopene from tomato-based pasta sauce increases its absorbability by the body.


They may be fungus but mushrooms are helpful against cancer. Mushrooms have polysaccharides that can build strong immunity against cancer cells. It is also a good source of beta glucan which prevents cancer cells from multiplying. If you are not a lover of mushrooms, then better check out the internet for more healthful recipes.

Mushrooms have this unique taste that you should start appreciating today. It is also one good substitute for animal meat to people who want to adhere to a plant-based diet.


Grapes have bioflavonoids which act as a powerful anti-oxidant that can prevent cancer. Not to mention the fact that grapes are also helpful in preventing the occurrence of anxiety. Anxiety symptoms may also prelude the existence of other diseases including cancer.

Grapes; image source: pexels.com

It also contains ellagic acid which can block enzymes that are important in the growth of cancer cells and even slow down the growth of some tumors. Don’t forget resveratrol which can also slow down the growth and development of cancer cells.


Garlic may not give you that fresher breathe but you will agree to trade it with less risk for cancer, right? At least you can remedy the garlic breath with some mouthwash. Garlic is known to halt the progression of our main suspect the carcinogen through the use of a chemical.

Nitrosamines can halt the carcinogens in the stomach while staving off their ability to cause damage. When we consume nitrates, which are a common food preservative, it can cause colon cancer. Women who ate more garlic had lowered their cancer risk for as much as 50 percent.

Cancer has become one of the greatest killers in the modern era. One of the major causes of cancer is unhealthy diet. Luckily, you can also prevent such disease by eating the right kinds of foods all the time. Billions are spent each year as productivity and opportunities have been lost because of cancer. Now it is great relief for a lot of people that avoiding cancer can be as simple as eating the right kinds of foods.

Aside from foods, it is best to avoid pollution, extreme sunlight, infection from cancer-causing virus like the human papillomavirus, smoking and too much alcohol. Cancer can be stopped if we only make conscious efforts to prevent it from happening.