4 Factors Concerned With Adopting a Child


Adoption is a great deed and big contribution in social service, no doubt that we cannot blame the orphan child or his parents for something cruel that had happened. It is just a part of nature system which cannot be blamed either because it works on its own laws, changing the laws means changing the whole world which is not possible. So the best way to assist is adopting such children.

Woman holding a baby; image source: pexels.com

Accepting these children and welcoming them into family requires a lot of courage, determination and patience from the guardian’s side.
In this article we will look on several factors regarding adoption of a child.

1. How to Adopt a Child

Deciding whether you want to adopt a child or not can be a very quick assessment but the actual process is quite long. Firstly you have to consider characteristics of the kid. Gender, age and race must never be ignored. It is important to prepare yourself for any possible facts regarding that particular kid you are about to adopt. He or she might be suffering from any disease or mental disabilities. So always bring such things in consideration.

Secondly when you have opted for a kid, you better need to consult an agency for adoption procedure even though you can do it all by yourself, but it involves a lot of research done thoroughly which will take lots of time. It is vital to choose an experienced agency because most of them are concerned about money only.

2. Adoption Law

Adoption is basically defined as a legal process through which a person becomes an official member of a family different from their birth family. The order for adoption is issued by the court; it grants adoptive parents the same privileges and responsibilities as the parents whose child is born to them. Hence the adopted child receives the rights of inheritance, having their named legally altered, child support and the issuance of a modified birth certificate.

United state’s constitution does not outline primarily rights to adopt. However, it depends all on the individual state laws. Most states have designed their adoption laws on the Uniform Adoption Act (UAA). This act provides that any person can adopt any other person in order to create a lawful relationship.

This act does not prohibit an unmarried person from adopting however other states do so. Some other states do not allow the adoption of disabled physical or mental kids.

Another important factor is that the court makes sure that whether a person is financially and physically fit for the kid. Social history, religion of the parents, and criminal background are other factors which are considered by court for giving the final issuance for adoption.

Before the adoption can take place, the birth parents, both the father and mother (if he has well-known paternity) hold the chief right of approval to adoption of their child. When neither of the parents is able to give allowance due to any reason, the legal entities are then given this responsibility.

Older children are given consent for their adoption. For many states, the age to have consent is 14 however each state has its own laws. For example, some states enable the birth parents of the kid to consent at any time or execute their previous decision. Other states provide a waiting period. The minimum waiting period is 12-24 hours while the longest is 10-15 days.

3. Adoption Types

There are many different types of adoption.

Independent adoption: it happens when the adoptive families find each other on their own or through the help of an adoption agent.
Agency adoption: They are handled by child placement agencies which are licensed by State Department of Social Service.
Stepparent adoptions: They are defined as when one of the family member who of the adopting family is the birth parent of the kid.
Adult adoption: it is process through which an eighteen year old person is adopted legally by another person older or eighteen year old.
Relative placement adoption: it happens when a parent is disabled or died or the child has been abused or neglected.

4. Coping with the Newly Adopted Child

It is very important because sometime later the adoption, the kid starts to show some symptoms of mental disturbance and depression. They refuse to sleep, misbehave in public etc. In such condition there are four main things you should do to cope with kid.

Talk with people who have experienced adoption: these people have the same path. They will understand your feelings and stories. So you can always talk to them and the best part is that they will have solutions for complains.

Talk to your adoption agency: again, they have heard similar stories over and over again and might have tackled worse scenarios. So they can be of great help
Do not treat them like babies: sometimes kids hate to be told over and over about little things. Like “hurry up, you’re getting late!” “Don’t waste time” “Study!” etc.
Make a daily schedule: for few weeks, follow the same schedule because this will help you both to have more time together and share personal opinions on breakfast tables and dinner times.