Septum piercing pain and dangers

A random story.

If you don’t want your daughter to hide her septum piercing from you, why do you think you should have hidden your true reaction to the idea?

Respectful dialogue doesn’t mean you have to come around to the other person’s point of view in the end. And as parents, sometimes it’s our job to hold up a mirror to our kids’ decisions: if we disagree or disapprove, possibly we have good reasons.

I find septum piercings off-putting myself, and I think that response is widely shared. Why should you pretend that no reasonable person could feel that way? Your daughter probably understood perfectly well that some people would not love the sight of her septum piercing (that may even be part of its appeal). But you did her no favours by trying to convince her that you don’t mind, if you do. In fact, septum piercing dangers are infection and pulsing pain. Septum piercing pain lasts for about 2-3 months, depending on the rate of healing.

Am I missing something here? The grandparents in our family did more drugs, had sex with more partners, and sure as HECK went to less college and had more fun than my generation did. Though we did try to get in our fair share of grunge, ID laws were much stricter when we were young.

Piercings and tattoos

My mom has more piercings than anyone else in our family… I think the aunts and uncles have pierced (and since healed) pretty much every body part anyone would pierce.

I think every one of my cousins has tattoos, and about half my aunts and uncles do. My partner and I, both of whom have dyed our hair purple at least once, are the only ones who don’t. Neither of us could commit to a tattoo.

Talk about cultural disconnect. I guess the good thing is, for the children exiled from their families due to piercings, we’re out here on the West Coast waiting to take them in.

Oh, and the septum piercing is a good nose piercing. Hard to clean but also when it heals, no visible scar. Same with bellybutton. Be grateful for their good judgment!

Impressions from the elderly

What’s the big deal? I’m what society would call elderly and for the most part like what i am now seeing. I guess i am tired of automatically being thought of as a fuddy duddy or conservative because of my age. If i was young i would be doing the same thing within reasonable limits. The only warning i have to offer to young people is you probably won’t look so great when your skin begins to age.