Dealing with Diabetes Burnout

March 5th, 2014  |  Published in Slideshow, Wellness & Diabetes

Dealing with Diabetes Burnout

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“Dealing with Diabetes Burnout”

Dealing with Diabetes Burnout: How to Recharge and Get Back on Track When You Feel Frustrated and Overwhelmed Living with Diabetes is an inspiring and empowering guide to managing the daily work and pressure of diabetes management – counting carbohydrates at every meal, constantly adjusting medication doses, taking daily injections, pricking fingers multiple times a day, and struggling with the unavoidable challenges of fancy, yet imperfect, technology – that can lead to burnout. Vieira provides the tools and encouragement needed to help readers get back on track and make diabetes management a rewarding priority. Chapters directly address burnout in relation to: food, exercise, insulin dosing, blood sugar checking, fear of low blood sugar, being a caregiver/spouse of a person with diabetes, communicating more effectively with your doctor, taking a healthy “vacation” from diabetes, and creating realistic expectations and goals.


• “In her new book, Dealing with Diabetes Burnout, don’t expect a long, boring lecture from Ginger. Instead, you will feel like a dear friend has taken a seat next to you, laughs with you and cries with you, and gives you a great big hug. Ginger takes on one of the most important subjects in diabetes, the oft-ignored emotional side, and tells you how it really is in plain language. She lets you know that yes, diabetes can be tough, and she shares with you some great ideas that can help you move forward and succeed with diabetes. Boy, did I enjoy this book, and I expect you will, too!” -Dr. William Polonsky, Ph.D., CDE, Founder & President of the Behavioral Diabetes Institute

• “At first I thought, ‘Why would anyone who’s burned out want to read a book about burnout?’ But this book is really fun! Ginger has a great sense of humor. She puts a smile back on your face and gets you energized to deal with diabetes in a whole new (and realistic) way.” -Gary Scheiner MS, CDE, owner and clinical Director, Integrated Diabetes Services, author of Think Like a Pancreas, and 2014 AADE Diabetes Educator of the Year

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