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“The third chapter of Emotional Eating with Diabetes, where Vieira talks about the consequences of over-treating low blood sugar, resonated most strongly with me. When my blood sugar falls to the 50-60 range, my instinct is to grab any and every snack in sight to fix the low as quickly as possible. Vieira explains that this is common, because the “brain keeps telling you, ‘More. More. More.’  Unfortunately, giving into the brain’s demand for more food delivers punishing guilt, high blood sugars, and extra pounds. I was shocked when Vieira broke it down even further to how the average blood sugar binge generates 500 calories per low, leading to an intake of 24,000 extra calories per year. I couldn’t believe these numbers, especially when I saw that the recommended treatment for lows is a meager 60 calorie snack. This chapter of the book functioned as a wake-up call for me, and I couldn’t wait to read about Vieira’s solution for negative relationships with food.”

- Molly from A Sweet Life

“I didn’t think I was that guilty of emotional eating until I got to chapter on over-treating lows. The whole idea of abusing the body – wow.”

- Melissa

“Ginger speaks right to the heart of the emotional eater with diabetes. Her warm, pragmatic, down to earth and approachable style encourages a ‘no-blame’ approach to what is often an issue that is challenging for those who are struggling to talk openly about. As a Clinical Psychologist working with people with diabetes and eating issues, I find that ‘permission-giving’ is the most important aspect of the change process, and this book really helps the reader understand that there are reasons why eating struggles are a common part of managing diabetes. I highly recommend this book.”

- Dr. Jen Nash, Clinical Psychologist

“I wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your book. I wouldn’t say that I have big issues with emotional eating, however your book looked interesting so I bought it. I have only read a few chapters so far, however, you have totally nailed the issue I have with treating hypos. Like so many other Type 1s, when I have a hypo I tend to eat constantly until I feel better. I hate to think how many unnecessary calories I have consumed unintentionally as a result. I look forward to reading more.”

- Catherine

“A handful of worksheets also allows you to dig into the material and express your own thoughts and emotions about the content, and how you feel about all these food topics. I discovered a few things about myself that I hadn’t really considered before, such as “Do you truly believe you deserve happiness and health?” This made me think more deeply about the root of the problem, and that it’s really not the food — but rather my overall depression — that may guide my emotional eating habits.”

-Michael Hoskins from DiabetesMine

“Reflections from chapter 1 of the lovely Ginger Vieira’s book Emotional Eating with Diabetes: I already need to change 3 major things. Every Type 1 should be reading this book.”

- Carrie 

“At 46 pages, this is a short and easy read. Don’t judge the value by the length. It’s not mean to teach diabetes diet, but to promote a positive transformation. As the words that fill page 7 shout, “A healthy relationship with food is about feeling proud of your choices whether you choose carrots or ice cream.” Getting you to this transformative space is Vieira’s goal, and I believe her book will help many do so.”

- David Edelman of DiabetesDaily - Read the full review at Amazon

“Just finished reading “Emotional Eating with Diabetes” by Ginger Vieira, and I must say how impressed I am with its common-sense approach in how to accomplish success for anyone who feels they are in a constant losing battle with food. Chapters 2 (Habits that lead to overeating) and 3 (Over-treating low blood sugars) are quite important to me as I’ve struggled with these issues for many years. The worksheets throughout the book are particularly helpful in pin-pointing and outlining certain areas in need that can pertain to me alone; I can use these as guides if I begin to regress. I highly recommend this book to all diabetics who feel that poor eating habits, by way of old myths and/or emotions, have gone out of control and need to make a healthier change.”

- James 

“Ginger’s “Emotional Eating With Diabetes”, goes directly to the problem: People eat without first considering the consequences, and when they do, they feel guilty. This guilt, combined with the often quoted misadvice that certain foods are taboo, just fosters more emotional eating. Ginger offers a simple solution: Have your cake (occasionally) and enjoy it. In other words, life is too short to fill it with feeling guilty that you are not a perfect diabetic. However, in order to enjoy life to the fullest and avoid diabetes controlling you, you need to eat to nourish yourself instead of inflicting punishment. In Ginger’s step-by-step simple process, one finds his or her way to a new, healthier and happier path.”

Dr. Marc Sandberg

“I enjoyed Ginger’s newest book very much. My past experience of working for my former boss, Luther Vandross and his very public ongoing battle with weight has made me very sensitive to the subject of ‘Emotional Eating.’ I think Ginger’s advice and guidance on the subject are beneficial for people living with diabetes. I truly appreciate that she doesn’t use ‘finger pointing’ to get her message across to the reader. I also enjoyed that Ginger chose to include several personal stories from different contributors too. If you’d like improve your relationship with food – grab this book!”

- Mr. Divabetic

“This is her second book and a great read about something I never really thought about before.  I know I do things related to food because of diabetes, but when you break it down it’s really eye opening.  The book has awesome excerpts from folks in the diabetes community that I have a lot of respect for like Ginger.”

-Tony Rose from Blogging Diabetes

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