“Your Diabetes Science Experiment”

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Chapter 5. First paragraph. 16th word.

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“Simply put … this book is a MUST have for anyone who wants to REALLY understand what is going on in a body with diabetes. Often times we just don’t have all the tools we need in order to grasp a deep understanding of this condition, and this book provides them. The autor has the capacity to show us that even thought living with diabetes is not an easy task, we can turn it into a source of growth, strength and empowerment.”  

-Santiago Jimenez, Type 1 diabetes

-“Nothing short of brilliant! Every person with type 1 diabetes who is even remotely interested in their health and diabetes control, particularly during exercise, should read this book! AS a Dietitian, Ginger explains what I’ve been telling clients with type 1 for years. She even taught me a thing or two! Her writing style is easy to read, down-to-earth and she makes complex subjects childs play.”

-Samantha, Type 1 diabetes

“I just started Chapter 4 in ‘Your Diabetes Science Experiment,’ and it’s knocking my socks off so far! Why don’t doctors tell you this stuff? I’ve worked out with my BG just under 250 because I thought it was safe and my muscles would just ‘mop it up.’ Turns out my kidneys and muscles weren’t all that grateful!”

– Jenn, Type 1 diabetes

“Today I received my copy of this fantastic book. I’ve read over a quarter already–even though it’s way past my bed time. I couldn’t put it down! Amazing to find answers to diabetes mysteries I have had for over 15 years! And to realize why my body has reacted to things the way it has! Thank you.”

-Gemma, Type 1 diabetes

“I have found this to be one of the most informative and easy to read diabetes books for athletes. It helped me discover how my blood sugars were effected by certain activities and being able to predict lows better. Some really valuable knowledge here! It also gave me more confidence in doing more strenous activity and not fearing a severe low.”

-Jenny, Type 1 diabetes

“Honestly this book motivated me to start taking care of myself again. I was so burnt out, frustrated, and just sick of all the daily diabetes crap that you could say I’d kind of given up. I’ve done 3 of the “science experiments” ginger includes for exercise, insulin for meals, and a mini-experiment around the impact of coffee on my blood sugar. My A1C has gone from 10.2 to 8.3 in three months.”

-Alex, Type 1 diabetes

Your Diabetes Science Experiment helped me lose a total of 25 pounds since last September. What can I say except: thanks! I know how to eat now and only eat carbs pre- or post-workouts. I carry your book like a bible, Ginger. You truly inspired me with your outlook and the glow of good health you have. I’m living a good life — I just happen to have diabetes.  Thank you!”

- Mary-Ann Croft Maloney, Type 1 diabetes

“I just finished your book and I loved it! I do weightlifting three days a week, and I was doing the completely wrong things (decreasing my temp basal, not bolusing for food beforehand, not eating afterward), so I’m very thankful that I read your book and know how to manage my blood sugar’s better! It’s like a miracle when they stay steady before/during/after exercise!”

-Erica McCoy, Type 1 diabetes

“This book has literally saved my life. I cannot recommend it enough! I finally have the answers to questions that have frustrated me for years! I can now look forward to feeling healthy and happy again.”

- Katrina Lavis, Type 1 diabetes

“Ginger’s book opened my eyes to different ways of thinking about my diabetes management. For example, I learned about the possible need for different insulin-to-carb ratios at different times of the day. Ginger has also helped me to be able to exercise with blood sugars in ranger versus my old way of starting over 200 mg/dL each time. On my first try I was able to complete an intense cardio session while maintaining a blood sugar between 120 and 150. I look forward to working more with Ginger in the near future.”

-Tony Rose, Type 1 diabetes, BloggingDiabetes

“How incredibly refreshing to read a diabetes book that is positive, practical and easy-to-understand! Ginger writes in a style that is encouraging and supportive. I’ve enjoyed undertaking some of her experiments with diabetes, and have found some answers to questions that have puzzled me for the 14.5 years I’ve lived with diabetes.  Diabetes may not always behave itself, but ‘Your Diabetes Science Experiment’ provides tips and advice that certainly helped me learn why certain things happen in certain ways.Everyone with diabetes should read this book! Thanks Ginger!”

-Renza Scibilia, diabetes advocate and blogger 

“I have type one and I’ve purchased your book. It’s absolutely amazing! Thank you so much for sticking the information out there. I was having 3-4 hypos everyday and I didn’t even realise it was my Lantus causing it! I’ve halved the dosage and I feel so much better now. Thanks again and all the best. Very inspiring and comforting to read your book.”

- Lauren, Type 1 diabetes

“I have thought after 27 years of this, no one could tell me anything I didn’t already know about this disease. I also love the way Ginger is so ‘no-pressure.’ You can tell she is a type 1 as well because everything in our lives is about pressure when it comes to eating.”

- Dana Erickson Trent, Type 1 diabetes

“After reading in Ginger’s book the benefits of working out first thing in the morning, I was determined to give it a shot (no diabetes-pun intended). Up until now, I’ve been working out in the evenings, always with unpredictable blood sugars. Yesterday, I took Ginger’s advice, setting my alarm clock and rolling out of bed at the crack of 7 a.m. My BG stayed steady not only throughout Ginger’s grueling 45-minute lifting routine (created during our coaching sessions), but for hours and hours after that! I’ve never felt so great in the mornings, and with a lunch BG of 98, I’ll definitely be sticking to this plan!”

-Samantha Stevens, Type 1 diabetes

“The second read was just as good as the first. Love your informative but happy style of writting. Makes it much more fun to read.”

-Mike Soper, Type 1 diabetes

“I’ve reached Chapter 9 of Your Diabetes Science Experiment. I’ve learned so much already.”

- Chris Miller, Type 1 diabetes

“I have been devouring Your Diabetes Science Experiment and I’m in Day 8 of my 10-day clean-eating challenge. Amazingly, my husband and 6 year old are along for the ride. I had to share with you how amazing we feel, and that I have backed off of 20% of my basal insulin!”

- Yolie Diaz, Type 1 diabetes

“It’s so nice to finally understand how different exercises influence my blood sugar, how to conduct experiments to learn what that magic pre-exercise carb count is, and how to account for large amounts of protein and fats in my meals. Now, during my workouts I am happier and feel like I have the energy and strength to complete my routine because my sugars are at proper levels.  Your book was more informative than any class, any book, any magazine article, and certainly any doctor’s or educator’s visit I’ve had in the past.”

- Meghan Carnowski, Type 1 diabetes,  AllFromACookie.com blogger

‎”I considered myself fairly educated in diabetes, but since reading Your Diabetes Science Experiment, I’ve almost completely eliminated my lows and highs after exercising, and understand them if they do happen. I can now make the most of my workouts without having to eat unnecessary calories before or after, and I feel healthier than ever. This book puts all the crazy complexities of diabetes frustrations into easy to understand terms, and eliminates a lot of the crazy guessing we sometimes do.”

- Abby Bayer, Type 1 diabetes, SixUntilMe blogger, and registered nurse

“I just got my a1c back today. 8 weeks ago, it was 8.5 percent. With the help of your book, I’m down to 7.8 percent–the lowest in a long time!”

- Leonard Auter, Type 1 diabetes




A video excerpt from my book!

Diabetes is overwhelming, but I believe it is a lot less frustrating when you have a better understanding of why your blood sugar fluctuates. This book will help you better understand those “mystery high blood sugars” and “unexpected low blood sugars.”

As I was studying human physiology for my own benefits in powerlifting and nutritional health, I began discovering all of these things that happen in any human body that clearly impact the diabetic body. And these were things no doctor had ever really explained to me before! I had to share this information, in a way that any reader could understand.

I see and hear a lot of the same questions about nutrition, exercise and confusing blood sugar fluctuations. The answers to those questions aren’t simple. It can’t all be said in one blog or one Facebook post. I want to you give you the full answers!

This books allows you to track your blood sugars and insulin doses in “science experiment” worksheets, which will help you focus on one part of your blood sugar control at a time. You and your relationship with diabetes are a work in progress!

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