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“Ginger I had to tell you, my latest A1C was 6.8, and that was after relaxing a fair bit over the summer. Your advise ROCKS.”


“What I love best is the flexibility. It’s not Atkins, it’s not Paleo, it’s not Wheat Belly and woe betide you if you stray for one moment. Your recommendations are do-able, integrate easily into a normal lifestyle and allow for mistakes and treats. Common sense and confidence reign. Hallelujah, at last.” 

…3 months later: “OK. Happy happy dance. Glucose A1C test result 7.3 after years of 8-9 range. Thank you Ginger Vieira. You rock my world, girl!!!!”


“A big THANK YOU to Ginger for helping me get my Hba1c down from 54 (metric) to 42 (metric), the lowest it’s been for years.”


“Being conditioned to think that bread/rice/pasta and potatoes were the only thing between me and collapsing, and that so much fat was next to death itself, was startling to say the least. I was however committed to trusting Ginger as I had read “My Diabetes Science Experiment” and I was convinced that she knew what she was talking about. So I took the plunge. I expected to feel hungry and have low glucose levels. In the last month, I haven’t felt hungry let alone near collapse! The balance of blood sugar, exercise and weight loss was something which had totally frustrated me to the point of giving up trying. Ginger helped me to work out a plan which has enabled me to understand what is happening, how to balance all the different components involved. I feel better overall, I don’t feel hungry, my blood sugars are leveling out, I am exercising, feeling stronger, sleeping better and the icing on the cake…losing weight, slowly and steadily. Ginger has an amazing ability to see the main areas needing work, quick to find answers and suggestions and an encouraging way to empower me to try something new and yet very easy to incorporate into every day life. She encourages without pushing, and celebrates successes.”


“Ginger’s coaching, after only 2 sessions has changed my life. She gets to the root causes of problems very quickly and suggests manageable changes. Since my second session 3 days ago my blood sugars have been exactly in range. Ginger is a fabulous coach who makes me feel empowered to control this disease rather than it controlling me.”


“I have never understood weight-loss around type 1 diabetes before, always struggled, and always gave up out of pure frustration! Thanks to session with Ginger I’ve actually lost 8 lbs. and expect to lose more. She didn’t tell me to starve myself or make me exercise obsessively. It’s been all about small changes, understanding my body around food, exercise, and insulin, and learning gradually! But it’s working…and I’m 49 years old!”


“Drum roll please! A1c came back at 6.0!!!!!! Ah, I’m in shock! Thank you, Ginger, for helping me achieve this! 3 months ago my A1c was 7.0. It went down by one whole point! Woot woot!!”


“After less than two months of working with Ginger, my A1C is the lowest it’s been in 9 years.  She has helped me to focus on specific thoughts and behaviors to change.  I’m excited to see such improvement in such a short period of time!”


“I have to tell you that before we started working together I was afraid of doing any kind of exercise if I didn’t have my cgm — not anymore! Today, I had no lows no highs and no pump, no DexCom…and I survived! LOL. Thanks for all of your help. It’s amazing what knowing how certain exercise affects your blood sugar and knowing what to do before & after an exercise to stay within range blood sugars. You rock Ginger!”


“For the last 10 years I have worked out anywhere from 4 to 7 times a week. I like working out, but I had one persistent problem: I would start exercising and no matter where my blood sugar was I would either spike low and have to leave the gym or end my workout only to find my blood sugar was over 300 mg/dL!  There were times i would get to the gym and start working out only to turn around and go home 15 minutes later with a 40 mg/dL blood sugar.  I met Ginger through the DOC which I had only just heard of after 41 years of being a type 1 diabetic.  We spoke on the phone phone and although I was convinced that I knew more about this disease and how my body reacted, I was drawn to Gingers open and bubbly personality and figured I didnt have anything to lose and started working with her. I kid you not, the first workout following our first session, I made it through and ended with a healthy safe blood sugar. I was shocked. I was in disbelief and thought it was a fluke.  Now it is 6 months later and I haven’t had to leave the gym early once. Ginger has made a huge difference in my quality of life. She is the real deal and I would absolutely recommend her to anyone struggling with any “unexplainable” situations. Working with Ginger allowed me to be in control, instead of diabetes controlling me. And if you still don’t get it, here’s the last thing I will say… GINGER ROCKS!!!!”


“Well without the help of Ginger I would of never thought I could workout with a bg of 100 or below. Or that I actually need insulin before lifting weights, same goes for anaerobic exercises. There is so much to exercising and diabetes, it’s quite amazing! Ginger has helped in more ways that I could have ever imagined. I’m looking forward to our next chat. I recommend you talk to Ginger so you too can achieve great numbers before during & after working out!”


“I have learned more about diabetes in the past few months than in the 15 years since I was diagnosed. Thank you, Ginger!”


“Happy thanksgiving! I am very thankful to have met you, I can finally say I have control over my diabetes. I still have some things to work on, but thanks to you I feel confident & happy about the choices I make when it comes to diabetes. You are a great person Ginger!”


“I have changed my diet with the help of Ginger.  For the past few weeks, I have been eating about half the carbs I used to, sometimes less.  Now I didn’t eat a ton before but still more than I probably needed.  And the difference in my BG readings has been phenomenal.  I have had a fair share of ‘no hitters’ in recent weeks.  For me that means my BG is between 70 and 200 mg/dL for a full 24 hours.”

-Stacey from The Girl with the Portable Pancreas

“When diagnosed in July, I was at A1C of 8.8, with average sugar level of 200…now I am at 6.1 and average blood sugars are around 107 mg/dL. Thank you, Ginger!”


“I feel alive! I feel human, not like a zombie trying to feed every 5 minutes! My blood sugar is normal and I haven’t had a low blood sugar all day for the 1st time in a long time, Thank you, Ginger, for all your help I don’t know what I would have done with out you! I was going low every day from 1 to 4 p.m. That’s 3 hours of doing nothing, but feeling like death!”


“Just got back from an appointment with a diabetes specialist to discuss my HbA1c and my diabetes in general, and I found out that it’s at 5.8! The best it has ever been. I have been following your advice and I feel great! I have had hardly any hypos and very few hypers. I have also lost some belly fat as I no longer binge on tasty sweet foods. Thanks for everything Ginger!”


“I found Ginger while doing a google search for nutrition help. I found more than help with nutrition. Ginger helped me to accept the fact that I have diabetes and I need to act on it with nutrition and a positive attitude. With Ginger’s guidance from a nutritional and mental attitude in place to be aggressive in attacking this disease. My blood sugar WAS 230 mg/dL and my bodyweight WAS 239 lbs. Since listening to and applying what Ginger shared with me my sugar IS 94 mg/dL and my bodyweight IS 209 lbs. I changed my diet and added cardio. Now I am in the process of cutting back my meds and hoping to be meds free soon! I am also a powerlifter and my lifts have actually went up while losing weight! Thank you Ginger!”


“After just one phone session with her, I have made some pretty big changes. And guess what, I’m down 5 lbs! But not just that, I feel better! I don’t feel muggy brained and huge. And my blood sugars? They still have room for improvement but I’m doing much better.”

-Sarah Sugabetic from Sugabetic.Me

“Finding and working with Ginger is the best thing that has happened since being diagnosed with diabetes. I’ve learned more from Ginger in a week than 27 years of being diabetic. I was tired of doctors “practicing” medicine on me and sought out to change things. Ginger has helped me exercise without lows and highs, how to dose more carefully, and how to understand my body better. I am eternally grateful. I’m looking forward to a long, healthy, active life with my newfound knowledge and encouragement I’ve gained from sessions with Ginger! She rocks.”


“120 mg/dL post workout blood sugar. God Bless Ginger Vieira! I never thought it was possible, and it never gets old!”


“Ginger changed my life.  Before working with her, I was terrified of having low blood sugars due to a seizure, was gaining weight by the second because I didn’t want to exercise, and felt terrible about my eating habits.  Throughout working with Ginger, she slowly but surely trained me to think differently about my diabetes, my exercise potential, and my relationship with food. My blood sugars have been so much better, I feel better, look better, and am no longer scared of going low.  Not only did I get a coach in Ginger, I feel like I also gained a friend.  I believe Ginger can truly help anyone, I thought I was a lost cause for a while, but she completely turned it around for me.”


“Week 3 of sprints! Blood sugars holding strong. Couldn’t sprint and maintain these blood sugars without Ginger’s simple yet effective program. Those blood sugars don’t budge during sprints. Check it out, buy the book ‘Your Diabetes Science Experiment.’ Or just work through a few coaching sessions. You’ll be amazed at the difference a little knowledge incorporated into any of your workouts makes. Wow! She knows her stuff!”

- MaryAnn

“34 lbs. down, baby! Thanks to better control during pre- and post-exercise. Couldn’t have done it without you, Ginger!”

-MaryAnn (a few months later!)

“I’m amazed at my numbers! I’ve never ever had a day like this one before.” – Adriana

“I’ve lost inches everywhere. Ginger taught me how to read labels at the grocery store and what changes to make in my diet for the biggest impact. I don’t eat all those empty carbs, and my diet is so much more colorful than it used to be with fruits and veggies! I feel awesome.”


“Basically, I felt like I had my planned cheat day on Saturday, and I didn’t let those cupcakes ruin the rest of my week. I feel like I can actually look at that situation and say, ‘This is just one meal, and it’s part of my plan, and it’s okay.’ I don’t feel like I’ve messed up. One choice doesn’t change the entire plan for reaching my goals.”


“I seriously thought my body wasn’t capable of weight loss because I’ve been trying to lose weight for 20 years. Working with Ginger made me realize there was an entire area of knowledge I was missing. I was eating too few calories, at all the wrong times, and the exercise I was doing was basically just maintaining where I was. Thank you, Ginger, for giving me the right tools. I’m down 10 lbs. so far!”


“When I first began my coaching with Ginger, I didn’t know what to expect. I never knew that I would learn so much about myself, not just my diabetes habits. I’ve lost 12 pounds and I am working through my fears, doubts and pain towards a new happier more confident ME! Thank you so much, Ginger! Both your knowledge and support have been invaluable.”


“I have been using food to deal with my emotions for as long as I can remember. Every time I was stressed after work, lonely, whatever. After working with Ginger for 3 months, I can honestly say food doesn’t control me the way it used to. I eat when I’m hungry. I eat junk food still…but I just don’t binge anymore. Food used to be my enemy, and now it’s just food.”


“I can’t remember the last time I had a  7 A1C… Ginger helped me not only realize that I can become more in control of my diabetes and health but that I WANT to be in control and healthy. Thank you Ginger!!!”


“My A1C dropped from 9.3 to 7.4 in two months, but Ginger doesn’t tell me how to take my insulin. Instead, she helped me overcome my fear of dropping low during exercise, and totally helped me figure out how to fit diabetes management into my day-to-day life. I know how to take my insulin, but Ginger helped make diabetes in general feel less overwhelming.”


“Hey Ginger! 3 months ago my A1C was 7.9…. went to the endo yesterday and it’s now 7.5! Thanks for all of your help – it’s paying off!!!”


“Ginger helped me during my transition from the insulin pump (after 13 years) to insulin pens. She made herself available at all times when I needed assistance. Her knowledge is substantial and I found the sessions to be most helpful especially in the areas of nutrition, exercise and insulin control.”


“Ginger helped me go deeper around the issue of my not taking care of myself – especially of my not exercising. Instead of focusing on the problem (or excuses)….she opened up a space for me to look at the higher vision I want to accomplish. I cannot take care of others in my life if I let my “well” run dry – I need to be healthy and whole to be whom I want to be for others. I truly want to honor my commitments to myself…..to be honoring ME! I have reminders in key locations that read ‘I HONOR ME!’…and they are beautiful reminders that go beyond exercise into time management, what is on my calendar. It is showing up in so many places and that is wonderful. Thank you, Ginger!”


“Ginger is a natural coach and mentor; the very first time I met her, I found myself sharing the dilemma I was facing. I was thoroughly impressed by her willingness to listen and her ability to offer direction and support without overwhelming the decision I had to make or circumventing my responsibility to do so. Thanks, Ginger!”


“What I appreciate most about my coaching experience were things like: Being able to hold the sessions over the phone (means I didn’t have to take time off work or move to New England!). Your flexibility in changing times and dates of the sessions. The flexibility of modifying or discarding a method or tool if it wasn’t working for me. The links to blogs, articles, and books you sent to me or suggested that pertained to what we were working on. Your emphasis on identifying and fighting or banishing my personal destructive internal thoughts. Your emphasis on identifying and strengthening my own positive internal thoughts. Your willing to share personal examples from your own life. The fact that you never judged.”


“Ginger has a special gift of sifting through all of the excuses my mind creates for itself. By opening up to her questions and strategies, I have had at least three very major revelations about my type 1 diabetes management, my eating habits, and my exercise habits. Open up to her, listen to her, THINK about what she is asking – and your life will change. Ginger is very talented at what she does, and I am so grateful to have found her.”


“I am a former college athlete who had let years of working at a computer catch up to me – one day I looked in the mirror and couldn’t believe how overweight I was. I was embarrassed to go back to the gym being so out of shape and let that fear keep me from working out.When I started working with Ginger my anxiety faded quickly – she designed each workout to push me to the maximum I could do and make me feel good about it. Even though I was embarrassed my weights were much lower than they used to be, she always focused on how much I did do and how hard I worked, not what my numbers were. She mixed up the workouts so I worked every muscle – I’ve never felt that tired all over! Even at a Division I college our weight coaches weren’t as innovative as Ginger. She designed workouts based on things I like do and mixed them up. Ginger is a skilled coach who helped me change the way I see working out and develop a new relationship with fitness. I am just getting started but for the first time in a long time I’m excited to go to the gym!”




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