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Breaking Up with Diabetes
Jul 23, 2013 | by | No Comments | Read →

That’s it! I’ve had it! We’re through! I’m breaking up with you, diabetes! For more videos, check out my YouTube Channel!...

Emotional Eating with Diabetes
Dec 7, 2012 | by | No Comments | Read →

Visit the official website at In life with diabetes, everything revolves around food! Inevitably, this can lead to an unhealthy relationship with ...

Breaking News in Diabetes! *SPOOF*
Oct 14, 2012 | by | No Comments | Read →

This spoof on today’s new broadcasting is brought to you with a smirk, a smile, and a diabetes twist! To see more videos, visit my YouTube Channel....

Check Your Blood Sugar!
Aug 22, 2012 | by | No Comments | Read →

In life with diabetes, checking my blood is the number one thing I can do throughout the day that helps me keep up with the world! As soon as I wake up, I check. Before meals, befo...


“…and the difference in my BG readings has been phenomenal.”
Nov 5, 2010 | by | 703 Comments | Read →

Ginger helped me go deeper around the issue of my not taking care of myself – especially of my not exercising. Instead of focusing on the problem (or excuses)….she opened up a ...

“Ginger helped me to accept the fact that I have diabetes and I need to act on it with nutrition and a positive attitude.”
Nov 5, 2010 | by | 561 Comments | Read →

“I found Ginger while doing a google search for nutrition help. I found more than help with nutrition. Ginger helped me to accept the fact that I have diabetes and I need to act ...

“Major revelations about my type 1 diabetes management…”
Nov 5, 2010 | by | 4 Comments | Read →

“Ginger has a special gift of sifting through all of the excuses my mind creates for itself.  By opening up to her questions and strategies, I have had at least three very major...

Wellness & Diabetes

  • Dealing with Diabetes Burnout
    Dealing with Diabetes Burnout

    Purchase your copy of “Dealing with Diabetes Burnout” Dealing with Diabetes Burnout: How to Recharge and Get Back on Track When You Feel Frustrated and Overwhelmed Livi...

  • Ode to Parents of Children with Diabetes
    Ode to Parents of Children with Diabetes

    I don’t have any children—especially any children living with type 1 diabetes. I live with Type 1 diabetes and celiac disease myself, since I was 13 (today, I’m merely 28 but...

  • How NOT to Support a Person Living with Diabetes
    How NOT to Support a Person Living with Diabetes

    You know what we need in life with diabetes? More police. More warnings. More lectures. More raised eyebrows and far more people gasping at the sight of our blood sugar when it isn...

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I’ve lived with Type 1 Diabetes and Celiac disease since 1999. Welcome to Living-In-Progress: Wellness & Diabetes Coaching, Personal Exercise Programs, Motivational Speaking, author of "Emotional Eating with Diabetes" and "Your Diabetes Science Experiment." Be sure to learn more about the services I offer and check out my video blog.

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